Natural Honey Range

$10.00 - $20.00
  • Natural Honey Range
  • Natural Honey Range
  • Natural Honey Range

Our Blue Mountains Honey, Natural honey range is seasonal and locally produced Australian honey. Our raw honey is not heat treat or blended and we only filter it once.
Honey is a great sweetener and can be used in number of different ways, from in tea to on muesli and in baking and cooking.

With the changing seasons we have different varieties available.

~ Iron Bark Honey - This Grey Iron Bark and is from the eucalypt family. It is light in colour , a very pleasant mild, sweet flavour and is great in tea, for the kids, and baking .
~Red Gum Honey - A unique clear amber colour which has a slightly stronger medium flavour . Fantastic on toast, with yoghurt, smoothies,great for marinades,
~Creamed Honey- lightly whipped raw honey to give a soft creamy texture making it easier to spread as well.
~950g Raw honey- Glass jar with lovely honey comb pattern. covered with fabric and tied with jute bow. This is a beautiful gift for the honey lover.
~ comb honey - the most natural form of honey straight from the beehive ,cut into squares. It contains minute traces of pollen and nutrients which may help with hay fever and allergies. Compliments cheese and antipasto grazing board.

We also have Natural Creamed Honey, Comb Honey and Chunk Honey Jar.

Blue Mountains Honey - The Honey Shed have been making the Australian Honey products for the past 30 years.