High Vibration Essential Oil Blends 10ml

$20.00 - $35.00
  • High Vibration Essential Oil Blends 10ml

"Essence of Heart And Soul" created by Carol a clinical Aromatherapist using the finest ingredients and essential oils
These High Vibration Essential Oils have been infused with vibrations of Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy
They are blended in Macadamia Oil and assist in aligning you to the quality they are named after.
The use of beautiful woods, citrus and exotic essential oils blended to perfection with
base, middle and top tones will have you in a confident and tranquil state of mind.
Several different fragrances and vibrations-
Empowerment, Self-Love, Bliss, Creativity, De-Stress, Tranquility, Abundance, Harmony, Dream and Gratitude
Raise your energy vibration with aromas that melt your heart and your mind!!
$20 for 6% blends/ $35 for 100% Blends