• Image of Gourmet Honey
  • Image of Gourmet Honey

Our Gourmet honey have really become popular with our regular customers and are a lovely way to use honey.
The gourmet honeys come in infused, fruited and spiced varieties. These are a treat over yoghurt and fruit salad, over cheese or just simply over crumpets.

Our range includes:
~Cinnamon Honey - A creamed honey spiced with cinnamon. Cinnamon and Honey is becoming a popular health ailment.
~ Vanilla Honey - Creamed Honey infused with natural vanilla flavour. Fantastic over ice cream.
~Ginger Honey - A creamed honey spiced with Ginger powder and ginger pieces. This like ginger bread in a jar. Yum.

~Mango Honey - Blended with a natural mango flavour.
~Lavender Honey - Infused with organic lavender heads. Devine over ice cream, through yoghurt, with soft cheese.
~Chilli Honey - Infused with Chilli flakes. Great in stir fries and cooking. over cheeses.
~Spiced Figs in Honey - Slow cooked figs with spice and honey. Enjoy with cheeses, cream and pudding and on toast with ricotta and dukkah.
Blue Mountains Honey - The Honey Shed have been making the Australian Honey products for the past 25 years.
~Rosemary Honey -